Poetics of Aging

Our Ancestors

We all stand on the shoulders of our elders. Their kindness, care, attention and guidance has influenced us greatly in becoming who we are today. This page is meant to allow our registrants and presenters to think of an elder (of any age) who made a difference in their life and whom they would like to honor through this dedication. Email your dedication in honor of a loved one and send a picture or photo, if you wish, to: sally@poeticsofaging.org.

Irving Dolgin, “Uncle Ceiling,” who lifted all the children to the ceiling – imbuing within us limitless potential and capacity to love.
Eugene Muscat initiated the Enterrpise Housing affordable housing program that allowed caregivers to work and live in the same dwelling so that they could care for their loved one. May we carry on his good work.
  Josephine Hanlon Johnson (1908-2011), my mother who was alert and active in her own home for 101 years, and died on April 3 at The Redwoods in Mill Valley.
  To my Grandpa and Grandma whose amazing power – obtained through a difficult life of living – and kindness – obtained through the same – made all the difference to my life. Without them I would be a lost soul on this vast ocean of earth and humanity.
  For Aunt Helen who taught me what it is to love and to be faithful; to Clare Morris who has been a long-time mentor and role model; to Maureeen Wesolowski, whose generosity has enabled my life to unfold creatively.
  To my Father, Charles, who teaches me about courage and grace every day.
  To all the elders in my life who have (and will have) inspired and supported me, including those who I have (and will have) been blessed to serve.
  To the Members of the Transitions:Aging and Beyond Group at UUCB.
  To my mother, Najwa – If time can heal wounds and dry tears, why then, after four years, my heart is still sad and teary?
  To the elders I serve through SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors. As I continue to drink at the wells of their wisdom, courage, and humor, I am continually reminded that our bodies are temporary. However, we have within us a love that is untouched by time. This life is a journey to that vast frontier, and we are blessed to be given the chance to travel with one another.
  To Mama Lou whose lifelong aging process meant nurturing her inner child.
  For my grandmother, Lillian Wilson, who lives life to the fullest, every day.
  I dedicate the work at this conference to the memory of osteopath Dr. Muriel Chapman.
  To Cecil, Bernice, Dan, Sam, Kathy, Dwight, Dolores and all the other bright lights of Stagebridge who had the time of their lives, at the end of the their lives.
  To my mother Marguerite Kaufman whose love made this world a safe and beautiful adventure.
I am dedicated to seniors and learning.
My Grandfather, from a young child he encouraged me to ‘work for yourself’. A black man in Texas… died in 1965 at 85, starting his own corporation.
In honor of the women in my family: Emily Barnes (great-great-grandmother); Sallie Jackson Nash and Nancy Boze Turner (great-grandmothers); Addie Fields and Lenora Jackson Turner (grandmothers); and Evelyn Thompson (mother).
To Sister Agattia & Jim & Liz Bugental.
In honor of Hanna Mirar, my first dance teacher who taught me to improvise to nature and classical music.
Jerry Garcia.
To Loulip, who wouldn’t let anyone/anything stand in the way of being happy.
In honor of my father James Thompson; my grandfathers Ira Fields and McKinley Thompson; my great-grandfathers Oscar Turner, George Thompson and Colonel Jackson; and my great-great grandfather Minton Stroder.
To my Mom and Dad, Georgine and Bill Jenkins, who taught me compassion for myself and others. The legacy of their love lives on.