Poetics of Aging

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register online for the conference?

Go to http://poeticsofaging.org/online-registration


2. How do I enter the registration fee for which I qualify?

  • Click on “REGISTER NOW”
  • Click on “Details” under “Conference Registration”
  • Next to “Registration Type,” click on drop-down menu (up/down arrows)
  • Click on the category of registration for which you qualify.


3. How can I qualify for a lower registration fee?

  • If you are a member of a collaborating organization, you can scroll down the page to click on your collaborating organization (or email info@poeticsofaging.org call 415.431.8143 to suggest a new organization that that we can contact about becoming subscribing organization)
  • If you are under 20 or over 80, you can register for free.
  • If you are a student/poet/60+, you qualify for a reduced registration.



4. What if I need help to register and want to talk with a person?

Call 415.431.8143


5. Where do I note how I heard about the conference?

Enter that information at the bottom of the Registration Form.


6. How do I note special accommodations that I need?

Enter that information on the Registration Form next to “Special Needs”


7. How can I earn CEUs?

Check the number of days for which you are applying for CEUs.
Click on the CEU link on the website, http://poeticsofaging.org/registration/ceus


8. Can I register at the door?

Yes, but discounted pre-registration is preferred to prevent long registration lines at the door.


9. What if I want to volunteer?

There are a limited number of volunteer opportunities at this point. ¬†Please contact Mary Lynne Schoenbeck: “goodamericanbooks@mac.comSchoenbeck.