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Guidelines for Submitting Papers to POETICS OF AGING Online


POETICS OF AGING Online: An Overview

The Poetics of Aging 2011 Conference Planning Committee has established the POETICS OF AGING Online database as a means of capturing the valuable knowledge and resources that will be shared at the Poetics of Aging annual conferences, the first of which will be held November 16 – 19, 2011. The vision for POETICS OF AGING Online is to create an awareness of a view of aging that understands it as a process of a joyous anticipation and acceptance of the many amazing verses of our human journey – the last of which might just be the sweetest. Selected articles will be available in a peer-reviewed printed POETICS OF AGING JOURNAL.

Preparation of Your Paper

  • Prepare a paper of 5,000 words or less targeting an issue currently important to creativity in aging (at any level or in any setting). Papers will relate to the following themes: (a) Poetics of Politics, (b) Poetics of Evolving Abilities, (c) Poetics of Caring, (d) Poetics of Lifework, (e) Poetics of Design. Pay particular attention to expressing the importance of your topic and how the outcomes of your research or the program or practice you describe can be adopted or adapted by other professionals in the field of aging.
  • If your paper is based on a conference presentation, under the title of your paper, include a line that states: “Paper based on a program presented at the [year] [association] Conference, [location], Conference Theme [choose one of the four themes above], [date].”
  • Use a straightforward, informative approach that is interesting and grammatically correct.
  • Follow current APA guidelines for citations and references.
  • Diagrams, charts, etc., may be used only if they are an integral part of the file and do not require special software to be opened.
  • If your paper is based on a conference presentation, handouts that you will be offering to participants may be included as appendices to your paper.
  • At the end of the paper, include a brief bio for each author using the following format: [Last name], [First name and Initial], is a [title/position] at [Institution/Organization]. [Maximum of two sentences describing experience, expertise, and/or research interests].

Important: To be selected for inclusion in the POETICS OF AGING 2011 digital publication, your article must contain accurate, substantive, and useful information in addition to meeting the above technical criteria. If your article is accepted, only minor editing and formatting will be done before it is entered into the publication. Therefore, it is crucial that you use your best writing skills and do a final proofing of your article before you submit it.

Submission of Your Paper

Email your paper as an MS Word or Pages attachment to Sally Gelardin, sally@poeticsofaging.org, and Marita Reilley Grudzen, mgrudzen@stanford.edu.

Your article must be emailed to us by December 31, 2011. An email notifying you that your paper has been received will be sent within one week of receipt of your paper.

Notification of the final disposition of your submission will be e-mailed during the winter of 2011-2012.

Papers selected for inclusion in POETICS OF AGING Online will be copyrighted by Elders Academy Press. A release form, granting copyright permission to Elders Academy Press will be forwarded to authors upon acceptance of their papers. The form must be signed and returned before the article can be included in POETICS OF AGING Online. This copyright will not preclude authors from submitting a similar or expanded version on the topic (with a different title) to other potential publishers.

Please direct all POETICS OF AGING Online questions to sally@poeticsofaging.org.