Poetics of Aging


Somatics Healing

Marion RosenMarion Rosen at 97: Finding a New Life Later in Life

Internationally-renowned somatics pioneer Marion Rosen founded her own work in the healing arts at age 56. Still working at 97, she is a model for aging gracefully, productively and powerfully. Her message about the healing power of touch has been carried to 15 countries as Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement. Marion is joined by Sara Webb and Mara Keller, who ask the audience: How do we revision our usefulness through the seasons of our lives? How do we become author of our life in the context of community? Benefits of touch for self-care and caring for others are addressed as participants learn simple hands-on techniques for relaxation. When tension is contacted with gentle touch, release leads to new freedom in our bodies and spirits

Anna HalprinAnna Halprin

A Courtesan is a fancy, educated call girl, similar to a Geisha. A crone is an older woman. Legendary Anna Halprin, at the age of 91, dances The Courtesan and the Crone. Anna Halprin’s diverse career has spanned the field of dance since the late 1930s, creating revolutionary directions for the art form and inspiring fellow choreographers to take modern dance to new dimensions. James Roose – Evans author of “Experimental Theatre” called Anna one of the most important theatre artists of the 20th century.