Poetics of Aging

Life/Work Counseling

Norm AmundsonNorm Amundson

Dr. Norman Amundson will discuss how metaphors can be used as conceptual containers for both understanding and enhancing experience. As a starting point, participants will be challenged to identify common personal and work metaphors. Metaphors that have been woven into the fabric of the conference will be highlighted. Building on this foundation, there will be an exploration of ways in which metaphors can be identified, expanded upon, enriched and even changed as part of a positive life/work evolving process. A card sort activity will be introduced for the upcoming metaphor breakout exercise. The opening address will be based on Dr. Amundson’s books – “Metaphor Making: Your Career, Your Life, Your Way” and “Physics of Living”.

Fred MandellFred Mandell

Fred Mandell relates the creative process and skills of the great artists to relevant to personal and professional vitality. Learn how to enhance your personal creativity and develop a client’s creative skills, while generating co-creating moments that catapult the relationship to new levels of exploration, discovery, and authenticity. The presentation is an outgrowth of over 100 in-depth interviews with people at midlife and beyond and a deep reading of the working process and lives of many great masters.