Poetics of Aging

Body/Mind/Spirit Fitness

Erin FlemingErin Fleming

Yin Yoga for Boomers on Up, led by Erin Fleming, an inspiring, nurturing and knowledgeable teacher at the forefront of the Yin Yoga movement in Northern California. She views Yin Yoga as a profound practice that emphasizes long-held but passive poses which enhance flexibility in the joints and instill lightness and grace in the body, especially important for aging bodies.


Sherri BaptisteSherri Baptiste

Baptiste Yoga, led by Sherri Baptiste, especially important as we age and to keep our body and mind fit. Learn a gentle, breath-based yoga technique from a teacher at the forefront of yoga training and the author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies. Born and raised in San Francisco, Sherri is the daughter of two yoga-health-fitness pioneers, Magana and Walt Baptiste (former Mr. America). Sherri has been involved with and teaching yoga since her teens.


Betsy Best-MartiniBetsy Best-Martini

Betsy Best-Martini, a Certified Recreational Therapist specializing in the field of gerontology and long term care, leads us in a simple exercise routine for boomers and beyond. Betsy is a faculty member of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) and a national trainer for, and contributing author to, the “ATRA Dementia Protocol Guidelines,” an evidence based training manual.

Antonio SausysAntonio Sausys

“The fact that grief is a normal reaction to loss doesn’t make it any easier to go through,” according to Antonio Sausys, a specialist in yoga and meditation for those experiencing grief. He says, “Yoga can be instrumental in addressing the symptoms of grief because it focuses on mind, body, and spirit, the three areas where grief manifests—and often goes unacknowledged.” Antonio’s unresolved grief related to his Mother’s early death prompted him to develop a yoga and meditation practice to address the physical, mental and spiritual symptoms of grief that often go acknowledged. His Father’s cancer inspired him to create a Yoga for Cancer program, the motto of which is ‘Spirit can’t have cancer.’